Mjölby kommun

Trying different teaching methods

In the SERN project, the children are invited to the land of fairy tails! The children get to experience storytelling in different ways and the teaching invites participation.

In the fairy tale Bockarna Bruse, the children play with concepts such as big, small, over and under. It is positive to be different and to let the imagination change the content of the story based on the children's thoughts and ideas.

Blue bot

The municipality's politician, head of administration and head of operations in the education administration try the language teaching in the SERN project during their visit to Bjälbotull's preschool. Programming is one of the methods that children use to tell stories, find shapes and figures. In the picture, head of administration Christer Lordh is programming a blue bot so that it finds the target on a map.

painting blueberries

At Bjälbotull, the staff try Italy's teaching method. The children will experience a story through their senses outdoors. In the picture, the children are painting the fairy tale characters Bu and Bä's blueberries. The blueberries are taken to the grove where children and adults will play the story together.

Politicans trying bee bot

The politicans try to program the bee bot robot by following the figures in the fairy tale. Preschool teachers Helena Johansson, Sofia Lorin and Cecilia Karlström guide by showing how the teaching can be carried out with the children.

projecting an environment

All prescholls in the SERN project are currently trying to enhance the experience in the fairy tale by projecting an environment. The results of the method are followed up at the end of the year.

Bu and Bä

Both in Italy and Croatia, figures are used to invite the children to the land of fairy tales. Now the participants look forward to visiting Croatia's preschools to take part in their language-stimulating methods. September 19 is the time!