Mjölby kommun

Visiting Sweden

In june, visitors from Italy and Croatia came to Skänninge and Mjölby.

At the visit to Bjälbotull preschool the teachers exchanged experiences with colleagues on how preschool children can better develop their language with their senses.

Digital language teaching with bee-boot.

Pelle Karlsson and the twins Leia and Jolie Lundgren are helped to tell the tale of the goats Bruse with the help of a bee-bot robot. Around them sit preschool teachers from three countries to take part in how it all goes, without everyone actually understanding what is being said.

It is about new ways of thinking and teaching the children for improved language development. The children learn to use their senses by actively being part of the story or using digital solutions to tell a fairy tale.
-We haven't worked this way but we will, says Italian visitor Jessica Alton.

The next experience exchange takes place in September when the seminar for the whole group, a total of about 15 people, takes place in Croatia.