Mjölby kommun

Visiting Italy

At the seminar days in Meldola, Italy, experiences of language development have been in focus!

The clip shows some of what the participants have experienced. http://fb.watch/cXEfW1ZJoR/ External link, opens in new window.

Tree, books

In the library hang the books created in the preschool together with the children.


Preschool teachers in all countries will test the teaching methods presented at the seminar in their preschool to evaluate how they have been implemented at the end of the project.


In Meldola´s kindergartens children are offered storytelling by the river. The tale is about the environment and gives the children the opportunity to experience with several senses.

heart, stones

At the waterfall participants try out the children´s teaching. To create with natural materials such as stones, twigs and branches develop communication through aesthetic forms of expression.

symbols, language

In northern Italy children are tought three languages, Ladin. German and Italian. By pairing symbols with concepts children learn the different languages in a pleasurable way.

stones, branches

The project team is very pleased with the first seminar and looks forward to try out the methods presented in Italy. In June it´s time for seminar days in Mjölby, Sweden!