Food Experience Centre

Mjölby Municipality has an idea that involves working with other stakeholders to build a unique experience centre for everyone who is interested in food, its significance and its production. The enterprise will be a hotbed of learning, digitalisation and sustainability, with experiences for young and old alike. The centre will provide a showcase for the whole of the food industry, and its research, giving us glimpses into the future. Over 40 Swedish and foreign companies and organisations have shown a positive interest in the idea and in developing it together with Mjölby Municipality. If all goes to plan, construction could begin in Väderstad in 2025.

Cecilia Burenby

“We are convinced that an experience centre would be of great importance to the green industries and the tourism industry, both locally and regionally,” says Cecilia Burenby, Chair of Mjölby’s Municipal Executive Board.

The municipality has applied for and been granted SEK 1.5 million from Östergötland County Administrative Board for a project that aims to build networks to establish an experience centre. The objective is to identify entrepreneurs who can help to fill the centre with activities, to seek out sources of financing and to find potential developers for the experience centre. 48.8% of the funding from the County Administrative Board comes from the EU.

The project is being run in partnership with Väderstad AB, which is contributing SEK 170,000 to the project, and Swedbank. The steering committee for the project includes Vreta Kluster, Väderstad AB, Natural Resource Schools in Östergötland, the Federation of Swedish Farmers Mjölby, Region Östergötland, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and Östergötland County Administrative Board.

“Essentially, Väderstad AB’s task is to help the world’s farmers to produce more high-quality food for a growing population. We therefore welcome Mjölby Municipality’s idea for a future experience centre focusing on food. We’ve been involved in the feasibility study and now look forward to seeing how the project develops,” comments Susanne Dalskog, VP Group Communication, Väderstad AB.

The project will run until 31 of March 2022, after which it will continue in a different format.

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Marketing and communications manager

Eva Rådander

Phone: 010 - 234 51 13

Project coordinator

Caroline Davidsson

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