Mjölby kommun

Tjoho, project start!

At Bjälbotull's preschool, wich is the preschool in Mjölby municipality that participates in the project, the language teaching is in full swing! One step in developing teaching with digital learning is to develop the preschool's Sense Room.

In the sense room children will encounter digital play enviroments to be inspired to express themselves. This is a starting point in the project based on the fact that several of the preschools in Italy and Crotia are multilingual.

The sensoryroom is also decorated with a film corner where the "greenscreen" method can easily be used. It is a method that can provide support for working with source criticism. The children are given the opportunity to express thoughts about fantasy and reality by seeing themselves or different figures in environments that it is only possible to visit in the imagination.

As a start in the project all representatives in the preschool from Sweden, Croatia and Italy have had a digital meeting. We look forward to spreading good examples of language teaching between the countries and stay updated on the pandemic to know if physical meetings may be possible in the future.