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If we are to successfully live together in a healthy and safe environment we need knowledge and we need to show each other consideration. The Environment Office is in charge of monitoring environmental protection, health protection and food safety. 

We also work with conservation issues, energy and climate advice and sustainable development. Information campaigns aimed at companies and the general public are an important aspect of our prevention work.

Environment Office
Phone: +46 142 850 00



Medborgarservice (citizens advice) can guide you in the right direction if you need help with anything from finding schools and childcare, to housing, planning permission, social services or music lessons. And much more besides.

Phone: + 46 142 859 95

Postal address: Mjölby kommun, 595 80 Mjölby

Street address: Stadshuset, Burensköldsvägen 11


The tourist office is also here to help

Phone: + 46 142 850 03 Fax: + 46 142 415 90

Street and postal address: Stora Torget 2, 596 23 Skänninge

Telefon: 0142-850 00
Burensköldsvägen 11, 595 80 Mjölby
Organisationsnummer: 212000-0480

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