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Starting a business

The Local Government of the Municipality of Mjölby is committed to providing a favourable business climate. There are many organizations, agencies and companies that can inspire and give advice on how to start and run a business.

General information on starting a business   

Companies are concerned by several laws, regulations and permits trials. You will find general information, tools and e-services related to entrepreneurship in Sweden on link The website is developed by the Swedish National Tax Board, the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. has also produced a brochure called ‘Starting up a businessPDF´ with information and guidance from six government authorities to help you save time when starting up your own business.

Local organization for starting a business

There is also a local organisation in Mjölby to guide and advice you when starting a business. NyföretagarCentrum (Jobs & Society) will help you free of charge and in strict confidence.

Contact person is Mr Kenneth Fungbrandt, telephone +46 142 14801, e-mail Their website is available at www.nyforetagarcentrum.seexternal link

Telefon: 0142-850 00
Burensköldsvägen 11, 595 80 Mjölby
Organisationsnummer: 212000-0480

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